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Lili Milani

Lili Milani has a PhD in molecular medicine (Uppsala University, Sweden, 2009). Her main area of research has been epigenetics and pharmacogenetics – studying the genetics of inter-individual variation in drug response. She is now a senior scientist at the Estonian Genome Centre, University of Tartu, and actively participating in preparing the strategy for implementing personalized medicine in Estonia. 

She is also head of the Sequencing and Genotyping Core Facility of the Estonian Genome Center, which keeps her up to date with the most recent technology and methods available for DNA analysis. Her team is leading the work of using the latest methods for mutation analysis in clinical samples in Estonia. “We are at an interesting turning point when it comes to our understanding of health and its implications for health care. With the rapid development of technology and our increasingly enhanced understanding of health, new opportunities lay before us. For instance, we can now, through sequencing of DNA, predict what diseases we are prone to develop.” @MilaniLili

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